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  • 13 Days / 12 Night
  • Casablanca Morocco

13 Days Grand Tour from Casablanca to Explore Morocco. Begin your adventure by immersing yourself in the vibrant city of Casablanca, where modernity and tradition blend seamlessly. From there, make your way to Rabat, the capital of Morocco, where you can explore its rich history and architectural wonders.

Next, venture into the enchanting blue streets of Chefchaouen, a picturesque town that will captivate you with its charm. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleys and discover hidden gems at every turn.

Continue your journey to Fes, a city steeped in cultural wonders. Explore the ancient medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and marvel at the intricate architecture of its mosques and madrasas. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the bustling souks, where you can haggle for traditional crafts and spices.

No trip to Morocco is complete without experiencing the magic of the Sahara Desert. In Merzouga, embark on a camel trek through the golden dunes and witness a breathtaking sunset over the vast expanse of sand. Spend a night in a desert camp, where you can stargaze and listen to traditional music around a campfire.

As you journey through Morocco, be prepared to be awestruck by the natural beauty of the Todra Gorge and Dades Valley. Marvel at the towering cliffs and winding canyons that have been carved by centuries of erosion.

Make a stop in Ouarzazate, known as the “Hollywood of Morocco,” and visit the iconic Ait Ben Haddou, a fortified village that has served as a backdrop for numerous films. Explore the narrow streets and admire the intricate mud-brick architecture.

In Marrakech, immerse yourself in the sensory overload of the bustling souks. Lose yourself in the maze of narrow alleys, where you can find everything from spices and textiles to traditional handicrafts. Visit historic landmarks such as the Bahia Palace and the Koutoubia Mosque, and unwind in the tranquil courtyards of beautiful riads.

To add a touch of coastal charm to your journey, take a day trip to Essaouira. Explore the picturesque medina, stroll along the sandy beaches, and indulge in fresh seafood at the bustling port.

Finally, conclude your 13 Days Grand Tour from Casablanca , where you can reflect on the memories you’ve made and bid farewell to the enchanting land of Morocco.

Included and Excluded

  • Meal As Per Hotel Plan And Drinks Free Too.
  • Return Airport And Round Trip Transfers.
  • Accommodation On Twin Sharing Basis.
  • The Above Rates Are On Per Day Disposal Basi
  • Enjoy Brussels Day Tours. Overnight Brussels
  • AC Will Not Be Functional On Hills Or Slopes.
  • Any Other Service Not Mentioned
  • Additional Entry Fees Other Than Specified
  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise Not Included For Basic

Highlights of the 13 Days Grand Tour from Casablanca

  • Explore Hassan II Mosque, Corniche, and Medina.
  • DVisit Royal Palace, Hassan Tower, and Kasbah of the Udayas.
  • Discover the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Bab Mansour Gate, and Medina.
  • Tour the Roman ruins of Volubilis, then continue to Fes.
  • Drive through the Middle Atlas Mountains to Ifrane and Midelt.
  • Visit Erfoud and experience a camel ride in the Merzouga desert.
  • Enjoy dune exploration and sunset over Erg Chebbi.
  • Visit Todra Gorge and Dades Valley.
  • Explore Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou.
  • Discover Djemaa el-Fna, Bahia Palace, and souks.
  • Visit Majorelle Garden, and Koutoubia Mosque, and relax in riads.
  • Explore Medina and enjoy the beach.
  • visit attractions or go shopping.
  • Bid farewell to Morocco and depart from Casablanca.

13 Days Grand Tour from Casablanca Itinerary

Pick up from Casablanca airport, and discover Hassan II Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Africa, and is built beside the sea which gives it a panoramic view after we check into the accommodation.

    In the early morning, we will wake up and travel toward Rabat the capital of Morocco where we will visit Oudaya Kasbah, Hassan Tower which has panoramic views and decor walls, Bab Chellah where we will have our lunch, Bou Regreg River, etc. Finally, we will spend the night at an old house which is called Riad/hotel after having our dinner.

      Before traveling to discover this gorgeous city, we will have breakfast. Chefchaouen is located in the North-West of Morocco, so it belongs to the North’s cities and it is one the most wonderful cities in Morocco because its sights that attract thousands of visitors a year. We will visit the old Medina where we will touch the different sides of Chefchaouen from other cities of Morocco, it is known as “Blue City” due to it has white and blue washed walls that charm people and feel happy, garnish doors, rich architecture, different and beautiful handicrafts, decorated streets with flours, etc. we will spend unforgettable and marvelous moments, you will remember in your entire life. Ultimately, we will go to our accommodation.

        We will have breakfast, and then we will move to an old and imperialist city which is Volubilis. It is Berber city which was part of the Morocco kingdom. But it was after part of the Roman Empire, and then it had different buildings because of the different cultures that were its pillars. Volubilis collapsed by the Excavations of France the colonization of Morocco in the modern era and earthquakes. Fortunately, it is partially restored to keep its stoned walls standing. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After visiting those magnificent views, we will move to discover Merknes city which is near to Volubilis. Meknes is also an Imperialist city that is surrounded by panoramic walls; it looks like an old and wide Castle. We will explore the first Plaza of Lhdim Bab Mansour after having lunch. More than that, we will visit old Souks, Sahrij Souani which is a big pool beside an old Stock of corn, Museum Belkari, and Borj Belakri, etc. We will discover places until time is later, and then check in to our riad.

          We will have our breakfast, and then to know Fez, is an old city an old Berber name called by the Berber tribe of Fazzaz. It is a diverse city that is settled by Berbers, Arabs, Jews, French, etc. It is a beloved destination of visitors after Marrakech. Moreover, it has an old Medina which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, Fez has what makes it a part of the heritage of UNESCO such as the University of Karaouine which is the first university in Morocco and may be in the whole world, Attarine Medrasa, Bou Inania Medrasa, Walls with architecture of Marinid, Nejjarine Fountain, Old Fountains of Fez, Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss2, Karaouine Mosque, Islamic History, etc. I am sure you will enjoy an amazing day in Fez monuments. At the end, accommodate.

            After breakfast, we will travel via Switzerland of Morocco which is Ifrane where we will discover the forest and panoramic views after we will move to Azrou to discover the cooperative of Berber women which fabricate handicrafts then we will visit Cedar forest where we will see Berber Monkeys and Berber Horses. And then we will move to cross Berber villages until Midelt the capital city of Apple where we will have our Berber lunch. Tizi N Telghamt will be our road to Errachidia the center of the Sahara cities and villages, and crossing the road to Erfoud via Ziz Valley the longest Oasis of palm in Morocco, we will see marvelous views. Finally, accommodate Erfoud after our dinner.

              After having breakfast, we will discover Erfoud the city of fossils, and discover Rissani where we have our lunch after moving to Merzouga ride a camel and get into the Sahara to spend an ambiance night after coming to the Dunes of Sand where we will see panoramic reflections of sunset and marvelous outlooks of stars at night with Berber drum at the end we will have dinner at luxury camp and sleep.

                Before having breakfast, we will ride a camel to climb the Dunes again to discover another wonderful show of sunrise, after coming back to our luggage in the hotel then travel to Todra Gorges to have our delicious lunch. The latter has High Mountains that create a beautiful sight and water on river. Moreover, move to Dades Gorges where we will cross thousands of Kasbahs and Nomads with Rose of Valley. Those places will charm you with their locations and their panoramic views. Finally, we will travel to Dades Valley where we will accommodate after our Berber dinner.

                  We will wake up as early as we can because we will move to Ait Benhaddou after discovering Ouarzazate sights such as Studios. Then after our breakfast, we will cross the road to discover the most popular Kasbah in Morocco. First, Ait Benhaddou Kasbah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In conclusion, it is a panoramic Castle of clay with beautiful architecture. Today this Kasbah diviis is divided into two parts; collapsed and is still inhabited. It mixes the nature and people's ingenuity. Truly, it is located in hell, and that gives it a fantasy vision. We will have our lunch there. Ait Benhaddou Kasbah is a place where many international Films have prominence in the world. Briefly, it deserves your time, efforts, and your appearance. In the afternoon, we will travel to Marrakech by crossing magnificent sights.

                    Before moving to discover this amazing city, we will have breakfast. Marrakech is Berber's name which means Share of God, and the name of Morocco comes from Marrakech's name. It is the most beloved city in Morocco and Africa because of what it has historically and architecturally. At this wonderful city, we will spend time between its panoramic sights; like Koutoubia Mosque, Plaza of Jemaa El-Fena, Saadin Tombs, amazing Walls, Souks with traditional clothes and Handicrafts, Madrasa Ben Yousef, and gorgeous, narrow streets, etc. Marrakech is an attractive destination that has thousands of beautiful outlooks. Moreover, it is a city that some Europeans chose to settle in for commerce too. Briefly, it will satisfy and charm your mind positively. Ultimately, we will go back to our reserved hotel or Riad.

                      Before traveling to Essaouira, we will have our breakfast. It is an old and decorated city in the Atlantic Ocean of Morocco because it saw so much civilization that invaded its walls to settle in it and control the sailings in this Ocean even though it was never known peace until the 20th century. The original Berbers always tried to defeat their invaders such as the Portuguese and before the Romans and finally, they were taken back by the Berbers. Essaouira was once a city of Yuba 2 Berber king who had a big treasure which was the avidities of Romans and Berbers took this treasure to Illinois City in America. It was discovered by an American geologist in 1981. Essaouira is one of the beautiful cities that are the destination of tourists. Truly, it has Walls and a road on the peak of them which gives it a panoramic vision to each side, and also the sunset in this place looks wonderful, Fresh Fish, an amazing Beach, Handicrafts, etc. We will spend an amazing day in Essaouira, and accommodate in a hotel or Riad.

                        Before traveling to Casablanca, we will have breakfast and another morning to visit other places in this panoramic city. We will move to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family members and shoot some beloved pictures with Berber and traditional clothes. Then we will travel to take a look at Asafi and cross El-Jadida to Casablanca the capital city of economy in Morocco where we will visit the Corniche of Ain Dyad beside the Atlantic Ocean. Finally, we will move to accommodate after having our dinner.

                          It is the last day of our wonderful discovery and tour around Imperialist cities, so we will have our breakfast, and then move to your airplane at the Casablanca airport where the 13 Days Grand Tour from Casablanca.

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